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Inteleos and Credivera are revolutionizing global healthcare credentialing by integrating digital identities and verified credentials, ensuring trust and value in the industry. Our collaboration addresses critical challenges like fraud prevention and simplifying verification processes while upholding Inteleos’ esteemed standards.

Our digital wallet supports a range of credentials, including renowned certifications like ARDMS, APCA, and POCUS, and streamlines CME issuance, empowering healthcare professionals worldwide. Join us in shaping a secure, efficient, and accessible future in healthcare credentialing with Inteleos and Credivera. Explore the possibilities today.

You’ve worked hard for your education and certifications. Protect them with a single digital solution by Inteleos.

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Discover the future of secure identity and credentialing with Inteleos and Credivera. With a vision for enhanced trust and accessibility, this collaboration pioneers a digital and encrypted ecosystem that combats fraud and simplifies verification processes for employers, educators, payors, regulators and patients worldwide.

Inteleos aims to enroll all members of our community by 2027, offering you secure access to your verified credentials anytime, anywhere. Join us in building a global digital identity and credential ecosystem for a seamless future.

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