Inteleos has expanded research over the last decade, and even more research is planned for the next few years. As the Inteleos Interaction Field grows, it’s important that we create a “home” for a network of educational institutions and researchers that can partner with Inteleos on a variety of research projects. Why It Matters The Inteleos Research Network (IRN) would develop ecosystems to help Inteleos explore potential solutions by leveraging and testing emerging technologies to improve assessment and education experiences and outcomes.

IRN Catalyst Centers

  • Curated group of 3-5 (initially in North America) sonography education institutions and/or medical education simulation centers
  • The IRC will explore diverse projects, like Mixed Reality or 2D simulation. Centers will be invited to participate in select studies and will always have the right to refuse.
  • Centers agree to provide feedback/input (pilots, new device input, design discussions, opinions)
    • Learner input (novice and/or higher-level learners)
    • Educator input (content, feasibility, logistics, UX)


  • Technological Leadership
    • Be at the forefront of applying emerging technology in healthcare learning and assessment.
  • Global Impact
    • Play a pivotal role in setting new standards for learning in healthcare, with potential global applications, especially in lowresource environments.
  • Acknowledgement
    • Approve and be recognized as an investigator for publications or presentations related to research involving your center and be acknowledged on the IRN website, enhancing your institution’s reputation as an innovator in healthcare education.
  • Access to Technology
    • Primary technology needed for your involvement in IRN projects will be provided to students or practitioners in cost effective ways.

Minimum Criteria

  • Participants
    • Centers should have a minimum of 10 learners per year and least 2 faculty members or clinical supervisors participating with input and leadership for a 3-year (renewable) commitment.
  • Technological Readiness
    • Have the infrastructure to support advanced technological platforms, including hardware and software capabilities.
  • Educational Commitment
    • Demonstrate a strong commitment to healthcare education and continuous learning, with established programs in sonography or related fields.
  • Research Capability
    • Possess the ability to conduct and participate in research, including having staff or faculty with experience or interest in research methodologies.
  • Collaborative Spirit
    • Be willing to engage in a collaborative partnership, sharing insights, and contributing to the broader goals of the Inteleos Research Network.

Current Opportunity

Vantari Virtual Reality

The IRN’s First Project Opportunity: Engage to produce innovative VR content

Engage with cutting-edge VR educational content, initially focusing on abdominal sonography, with plans to extend into obstetrics and beyond.

Research Participation
Contribute to VR usability and effectiveness research, helping to shape the integration of VR into education and assessment pathways for sonography students, ultimately impacting certification and continuing education for sonographers.

Collaborative Development
Work alongside a team of experts in developing experiences, defining scoring parameters, and broadening community education and awareness.

Project Partner Requirements
Must have space for students to experience VR. Requires a 10’x10’ or 12’x12’ open space in an environment with minimal distractions for each in-headset session (can run up to three concurrently.)

Proposed Future IRN Research Opportunities

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  • Generative AI: LLMs, image and video generation
  • AI and NLP integration into other technologies

Extended Realities (XR)

  • Spatial computing and digital experiences
  • VR/MR/AR

Medical Simulation

  • Realistic simulation tools
  • Environmental-fit solutions
  • Real life, 2D, XR, and AI possibilities


  • Blockchain
  • Data provenance, ownership, and security
  • Systems integration

Futures Thinking

  • Driving cultural changes
  • Digital literacy
  • Technology ethics

Inteleos Research Network Interest Form

Please let us know what type of research your institution is interested in participating in.