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Inteleos Verified Credentials – Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Inteleos Verified Credential (IVC), and what will having one mean and/or do for me as a Registrant/Applicant? 

The Verified Credential is a digital representation of your earned credential. It is stored in a Digital Wallet app. Your ARDMS/APCA/POCUS credentials will be issued as verified credentials directly to your wallet. The wallet can also store CMEs and other education certifications. It’s like a google or apple pay wallet, but for your credentials. 

Is the idea that this will be used to verify someone holding an ARDMS/APCA/POCUS credential/certification/certificate?  

Yes. Your employer, patient, insurance, regulators can all use this technology to verify your standing. Because you hold your wallet, you decide with whom and when to share your verified credential. 

How will companies like HireRight and other verification companies, access the IVC for an individual?  

You may provide a QR code linked to your verified credential directly from the Inteleos digital wallet app or you may provide a unique URL that is also found in your Inteleos digital wallet. 

Will IVCs award and/or issue credentials? 

No. IVC is a digital representation of your Inteleos issued credential. Inteleos will still award and issue credentials, but instead of receiving a paper certificate, your credential will be stored in a secure Inteleos digital wallet on your mobile device. 

Will I still receive a hard copy certificate in the mail?  

Currently, we will continue to issue printed credentials while providing the opportunity to hold a digital wallet and verified credentials.  

Will the digital wallet be available on phones (Android/iPhone), iPads, tablets, etc.?  

Yes. The digital wallet will be a mobile phone app. Additionally, a web page experience is also available. 

How does this differ from Digital Badging? 

A verified credential in a digital wallet is a record of qualifications or personal data validated by trusted sources using encryption to increase credential security and make your credentials more tamper and fraud resistant. Digital badging, however, provides visual representations of skills or achievements without as much detailed information or verification.  

Would this take the place of the Registrant Directory? And/or how is it different?  

For today, it will not replace the directory. However, as the number of customers grows in adopting digital wallets and verified credentials, the need for the directory may become redundant. Instead, anyone who wants to verify your credentials can do so by scanning your digital credential on your mobile phone, or by visiting a web page that will make a real-time check of your credential and its status. 

Can I submit needed documents (where/if applicable) through this program to meet eligibility? Ex.: transcripts, diplomas, case logs, etc 

Today, you will keep sending the necessary documents just as you always do. In the future, as more people use this technology, Inteleos might be able to check your school records, diplomas, and other supporting documents using verified credentials issued by other schools, continuing education providers, etc. Those verified credentials could also be held within the Inteleos digital wallet. 

Will this replace ID card?  If so, what if my employer only accepts hard copy ID card? 

This program is meant to replace hard copy credentials. The program goal is to issue every Inteleos customer a wallet and their earned verified credentials by the end of 2027. However, we understand that not all employers will be ready to accept this technology and we will work with you to fulfill your employer’s requirements. We will also be working with employers to encourage adoption and use of verified credentials. 

How can I get involved in the Pilot group? 


What if I don’t trust technology or have other issues with IVC? 

The Inteleos digital wallet is like your personal vault for storing Inteleos Verified Credentials. They keep these important documents secure, accessible and under your control. The same as today, as the issuer of the Verified Credential, Inteleos retains the ability to suspend or revoke any credential it issues. While no technology is perfectly secure, we believe this technology offers a level of tamper and fraud resistance unlike any other before it. Certainly, much more than today’s paper-based cards and certificates. 

**Some examples to help explain to customers: 

Encryption: They use advanced encryption methods to lock up your data tight. 

Decentralized Security: Many different security systems work together, making it tough for anyone to mess with your info. 

You’re the Boss: You have full control over who can access your documents and when. 

Fortified Authentication: Special authentication methods, like fingerprints or codes, ensure only you can access your vault. 

Trusted Sources Only: Only credible organizations can provide documents for your vault. 

Invisible Shields: Even if someone tries to peek at your data, it’s virtually impossible to see. 

Universal Understanding: They all speak the same language, meaning your documents are safe and accessible across different platforms.

When will the pilot begin? 

Depending on interest, the first digital wallets and credentials may be issued as early as late-March/early-April 2024. 

When will the Inteleos officially launch the program? 

Timelines may change, but today we anticipate officially launching in the third quarter of 2024. The program goal is to issue every Inteleos customer a wallet and their earned verified credentials by the end of 2027. 

Is this mandatory? 

Today, using a digital wallet and verified credentials is not mandatory. However, we believe the features and value they will provide will make this approach a natural choice in the future.