Inteleos Celebrates the Women Driving Access to Gold Standard Care and Careers through Certification 

“The story of women’s struggle for equality belongs to no single feminist nor to any one organization but to the collective efforts of all who care about human rights.” 

 – Gloria Steinem 

At Inteleos, the incredible work of the women in our community inspires us every day.

We are honored to amplify their voices, recognize their work, and fight for their inclusion in our global pursuit of excellence. 

  • Women are typically given smaller research grants than their male colleagues. Only 12% of members of national science academies are women. 
  • In cutting edge fields such as artificial intelligence, only one in five professionals (22%) is a woman. 
  • Women still account for only 28% of engineering graduates and 40% of graduates in computer science and informatics.* 

We make it our business to break these barriers.  

  • Women direct our future: they chair our board of directors and serve as leadership on both the ARDMS and APCA Councils. 
  • Women lead our growth: the Inteleos thought leadership, business development, assessment, customer experience, conceptual research, and finance teams all boast women at the helm. 
  • Women inspire our innovation: as we leverage certification in new ways, from virtual reality to international policy and even handheld access to learning and assessment, women drive the conversation. 

As we join the UN, UNESCO and our global community to celebrate International Women’s Day, the work is far from done. We acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of women in history and women today as we turn our focus ahead.  

This year’s theme is Invest in Women. We aim to empower the next generation of healthcare professionals through full and equal access to learning, technology, and most of all, a community of their peers. 

“Our focus on midwives in Kenya and South Africa is two-fold – to provide broader access to women seeking a higher standard of care, but also to elevate the professional development and economic opportunities for clinicians who are majority women.” – Pamela Ruiz, Inteleos Chief Business Development Officer   

Learn more about the Ultrasound Proficiency Grand Challenge or explore the UN’s 2024 Message as we celebrate– and work together to move healthcare forward. 

*Statistics from the United Nations  


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