Inteleos Ultrasound Proficiency Grand Challenge

Giving Midwives and Skilled Birth Attendants the Skills, Knowledge & Technology to Save Lives

The Grand Challenge: By 2030, every user of medical ultrasound in the world will be proficient, ensuring patient safety and increasing equity in healthcare.

Approach to Accomplishing the Grand Challenge: Initially target specific areas of low resource populations who would benefit the most from having access to healthcare workers who are proficient in ultrasound. With the goal to develop ultrasound proficiency programs for midwives and skilled birth attendants in low resource environments to maximize the impact on women’s and newborn health.

Goals for this Skilled Birth Attendant/Midwife Ultrasound Proficiency Program Are: 

  • Build a future where access to proficient ultrasound care is a right for all patients and not just a privileged few;
  • Within 18 months, ensure all diagnostic medical ultrasound providers within the regions of the program have the globally recognized and validated knowledge, skills and abilities (KSAs) necessary to provide competent care;
  • Within three years, establish a sustainable ultrasound care infrastructure where access to globally standardized education, training, and continuing assessment ensures proficient diagnostic medical ultrasound care for all patients;
  • Within five years, cut mortality rates of women and newborns by 80% where the diseases can be diagnosed by ultrasound;
  • Within five years, increase women’s access to proficient medical ultrasound care by 500% in the geographic areas of the project; and
  • Align proficient ultrasound use with the UN Sustainable Development Goal #3, targeting women’s health.