Pamela Ruiz

Pamela Ruiz
Chief Business Development Officer

At Global Digital Week 2022, Pamela Ruiz, Chief Business Development Officer at Inteleos, invited organizations to collaborate to advance global healthcare in under-resourced communities


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Inteleos’ Work

As a global nonprofit organization, we provide medical imaging certification across an array of specialties and aim to create transformational change in Global Health by expanding access through innovative solutions in certification and education technology.

As part of our mission, Inteleos is working to reduce global maternal mortality by creating innovative tools and resources to to assist global health care providers in under-resourced communities.

Following the WHO’s Lead

To guide efforts, Inteleos is following the lead of the WHO Global Strategic Directions for Nursing and Midwifery 2021-2025, “four strategic directions”

      • Educating midwives and nurses with competencies to meet population health needs;
  • Creating jobs, managing migration and retaining midwives and nurses;
  • Strengthening nursing and midwifery leadership throughout health academic systems;
  • Ensuring midwives and nurses are supported, respected, protected, motivated and equipped to safely and optimally contribute to their practice settings.



To support these strategic initiatives, Inteleos has a customized curriculum to match the scope of practice and resources available to nurses, midwives and clinical officers, creating unique ecosystems for education, customization and clinical training.

The curriculum will be implemented  using a hybrid of online and in-person models. Additionally, Inteleos will customize maintenance of certification programs for continued quality assurance and life-long learning and provide clinical and economic sustainability through maintenance of certification and train-the-trainer programs.

The Impact

The overall impact for nurses, midwives and clinical officers results will be:

Women working in medical facility

  • Educating skilled birth attendants in the use of diagnostic ultrasound, which will lead to efficient diagnosis for women, determining the best pathways for optimal care
  • Creating additional personal and clinical practice opportunities with career growth for a predominately female workforce
  • Strengthening nursing and midwifery leadership throughout health and academic systems with validated skill sets to mitigate risk
  • Ensure midwives and nurses are a part of a collaborative team for women’s healthcare, resulting in positive economic impacts on healthcare institutions and communities.


The Benefit of Global Collaboration

Through engaged collaboration with a number of stakeholders, Inteleos creates an impact in the maternal and fetal care ecosystem by providing patients broad access to diagnostic imaging provided by proficient clinicians. Healthcare systems mitigate risk by employing more staff armed with skills to provide quality patient care. The community and local economy benefit as women enter the workforce with the skills to support women through the healthcare journey.


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