Zoom Photo of Global Celebration

One Year CHIVA Strategic Partnership Virtual Global Celebration

Inteleos and Dr. Smile Medical Group Celebrated One-Year Strategic Partnership and Launch of Global CHIVA Program

Organizations Working Together to Advance Standards of Practice
for Patients & Providers Around the Globe

The Celebration

Inteleos and Dr. Smile Medical Group celebrated their one-year strategic partnership to develop a global CHIVA standards, certification, education and training program.

With global CHIVA experts representing France, Brazil, Spain, Italy, China and the United States, the global virtual celebration kicked off with opening remarks from Michael Lilly, MD, Chair of the Inteleos Board of Directors, Dale Cyr, Inteleos Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director, and Founder and Chairman of Dr. Smile Medical Group, Qiang Zhang, MD.

“Speaking for the Board of Directors of Inteleos, our goal is to cultivate global communities of professionals dedicated to the highest standards in healthcare and patient safety groups, like the one we celebrate today, in order to create global standards of excellence and to develop and deliver rigorous assessments that support proficiency. We foresee these activities as leading to a world where everyone has access to high quality healthcare delivered by providers who have demonstrated their proficiency. Thank you all for your efforts in this common goal of ours, and for your participation in this program” said Chair of the Board of Directors, Michael Lilly, MD.

“The one-year anniversary celebration reminded us of the important work we are doing to solidify global alliances through healthcare best practices and innovation. We couldn’t be more grateful to partner with Dr. Smile Medical Group and our CHIVA experts to advance quality care around the world,” said Inteleos CEO, Dale Cyr.

“The path of the scientific development has never been smooth. The path of exploring the truth is equally dangerous. The CHIVA theory proposed by Dr. Franceschi in 1988 opened a new window for our humankind to re-learn and understand varicose veins and led a group of doctors to embark on a new journey to treat varicose veins. It takes tremendous courage and wisdom to change the existing practice which have been used for decades or even centuries,” said Dr. Smile Medical Group/Dr. Zhang.

The CHIVA Partnership

CHIVA is the French acronym for “Cure conservatrice et Hemodynamique de l’Insuffisance Veineuse en Ambulatoire” (Conservative and Hemodynamic treatment of Venous Insufficiency in outpatients). The CHIVA theory was first proposed byProfessor Claude Franceschi in 1988 and is an alternative to common procedures for varicose veins. The aim of the technique is to lower transmural pressure in the superficial venous system and avoid destruction of veins while decreasing pain, cost, and nerve damage.

Inteleos and Dr. Smile Medical Group partnered to build quality healthcare standards and certifications and related programs in the vein and vascular specialties to save lives, restore health, treat and prevent diseases.